worth mentioning i spent like 20 mins (trying to) analyse the visual and symbolic elements of grimes’ new vid during my study period at school. 

edit: also last night i dedicated 16 minutes to watching beyonce’s VMAs performance (finally) and i shivered into a little convulsing heap of goosebumps and tears of empowerment

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ice bucket challenge thing

right so today i did the ice bucket challenge and i’ll admit i honestly knew shit all about how the ALSA operates, their mission statement, purpose and internal monetary distribution. thankfully, i have not donated my money yet, and while ALS (or MND as it is known in australia) is obviously a cruel and currently untreatable disease, ALSA is an organisation that actually spends a large portion of their donations on marketing and the ever-illusive “education and awareness”. 

so, in lieu of donating to this cause, which has already raised something like $70 million, i’d like to draw attention to a super cool charity called Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE), which is an organisation run by a bunch of (now ex) college students who supply communities of women in disadvantaged countries with banana fibres and machines to create a pad-making business. this not only empowers the women in question, as they have a means to support themselves, but also their entire communities, generating a source of income as well as providing girls and women with a commodity we often take for granted.

i don’t know whether or not i’ll be posting this on facebook because the people there are very much caught up in peer pressure and a sea of likes, but i believe the hip and socially aware members of the tumblr community deserve to recognise how awesome micro-finance and small business can make an impact on the grander issues of “world poverty” and “education rights”. 

please consider supporting SHE, or any other organisation that you feel can make a positive and lasting impact on peoples’ lives.

lol i feel like such a lil dik writing down the didactic information for richard prince’s catcher in the rye…………… (book; paper, glue, ink. 2011) legit?